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Exclusive Buffalo Themed Treats

Sponge Candy

buffalo blocks

1.1 oz. Buffalo Blocks Sponge Candy (3 pcs) - $1.60


buffalo blocks

8 oz. Sponge Candy - available in Milk, Dark or Orange - $9.45


Chocolate Buffalos

buffalo blocks

.75 oz. Foiled Chocolate Buffalo Nickel - $1.00


buffalo blocks

1 oz. Chocolate Buffalo Sucker - $1.25
1.75 oz. Chocolate Buffalo - $1.75


buffalo blocks

3 oz. Herd of Buffalo (12 pcs) - $3.95


buffalo blocks

1.5 oz. Taste of Buffalo (5pcs) - $2.50


Other Local Favorites

buffalo blocks

1.25 oz. Buffalo Blend coffee pouch - $1.95


buffalo blocks

12.5 oz. White Chocolate Cocoa bag - $5.95

Additional flavors include: Chocolate,
Orange Chocolate and White Raspberry


Buffalo Basket

A Sweet 'Taste of Buffalo' Basket

The perfect Buffalo gift includes Buffalo's famous chocolate sponge candy, chocolate drizzled popcorn, Buffalo coffee, custom Buffalo cocktail napkins and Buffalo shaped chocolate pieces.

$38.00 each + NYS sales tax, s/h



Chocolate Laced Popcorn

Popcorn drizzled in milk chocolate.

Small canister   8oz.  $10.50
Large canister  19oz.  $23.50


Buffalo Gift Mug

Buffalo Gift Mug

A ceramic mug, deep etched with our classic Buffalo logo,
filled with a chocolate Buffalo sucker, a three-piece
sponge candy sampler and a cocoa packet.

$15.95 each + NYS sales tax


Also be sure to check out our unique
etched Buffalo Glassware... HERE